Mrs. Vrushali Bhalerao

Portfolios Handled

Department Level

  • Class teacher.
  • Parent Teacher Guardian.
  • Time table in charge.
  • ISO Coordinator.
  • Workshop organising team member / Event organisation team member .
  • NBA Criteria 2 member.
  • Foreign university Collaborations.
  • NBA Criteria II member.
  • Course Coordinator - Product Design and Development , CAD /CAM and automation, Machine Drawing and Design
  • Autonomy Course Curriculum Design
  • Autonomy -Minor Course Product Design and Development course -Syllabus framing.
  • Mechanical Department MOOC (Massive Open Online courses) Coordinator
  • IMACE-2022-Registration Team I/C
  • Member of the Department Marketing team.
  • Lab In charge -Computer Applications lab -103
  • Organising member and anchor of Innovation and New Product Development (INPD) national seminar held in Feb. 2015.
  • Session track chair for “CAE and Optimisation track” and Anchor of ‘Fourth MECHPGCON 2018’ on 15th and 16th June 2018 for Design, CADME and Mechatronics streams, held by PCCOE Mechanical Department.
  • IMACE-2023-Registration Team I/C

College Level

  • Professional Development Cell (SDW-S2) In charge- Add on courses and foreign languages [2015-2021].
  • Swartarang- PCCOE Annual Social Gathering - Prize Distribution -Member, In charge.
  • Techlligent Member.
  • MH CET Exam Central In charge (2017 Exams).
  • UGC interview at PCCOE- central in charge.
  • SPPU exams – Central In charge ( 1 semester).
  • The organising member and day 1 anchor of the event _पिंपरी चिंचवड एज्युकेशन ट्रस्ट, पिंपरी चिंचवड अभियांत्रिकी महाविद्यालय आयोजित राज्यस्तरीय कार्यशाळा “कोविड -१९ च्या पार्श्वभूमीवर मानवीय मुल्यांचे संवर्धन तसेच जागरूकता”
  • PCCOE covid task force 2021 member
  • PCCOE ReUnion -2023 -Food committee I/C
  • Accenture Japanese Language Programme SPOC A.Y.2022-23